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Vintage Watch Shop

The vintage watch industry is an ever growing market, holding their value and being examples of extraordinary craftsmanship. The Vintage Watch Shop have an incredible range of vintage watches from the biggest brands, giving users the opportunity to enquire about the watches and get a quote for selling their watches.


"Invest in time"

The most important part of the website was the imagery of the watches. By gathering enquiries of the watches, we wanted to ensure that the watches were shown in a clear and realistic way - they’re vintage so scratches are expected but every user needs to see the exact condition before they arrange an appointment to see them.

We therefore built a 5x zoom which would allow users of the site to really zoom into the high res images, though not physically seeing them until they make an enquiry, it’s as realistic through the screen as possible.

Ultimately the aim of the website is to convert online visitors to enquiries and consequently meetings about the watches. Working with the Vintage Watch shop to focus on the proposition and build them a bespoke website that sat in line with their brand is important to ensure they get the best return from their website.

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