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Vale of Mowbray

Baking pork pies since 1928, Vale of Mowbray are an established heritage brand who required a website to continue their growth by establishing an online presence alongside their offline presence sitting on the shelves of some of the UK's biggest retailers.


"Yorkshire pork pies, with a difference"

The website is often the first interaction a potential customer or stockist has with the brand, so we worked alongside Vale of Mowbray to build them a website and online marketing strategy. Following the development of the website, we have since been working with the company on their social media presence and growth, email marketing campaigns, blog content and blogger outreach plus photoshoot and video shoot concepts and creation, being on location and creating content for them.

Our ultimate aim with the blogging, social media, email marketing and blogger outreach is to grow the online presence of the brand and increase sales in store of their product having seen it online.

Recently, to run alongside the blog and in a response to altering Google algorithms, we've built them a recipe section which we update with new and exciting recipes to answer the question, 'what do you eat with a pork pie?'. To compliment this, we have planned and orchestrated a recipe photo shoot which further sets Vale of Mowbray apart from any competitors in the market.

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