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Ripley Castle

Ripley Castle is a beautiful historic attraction in North Yorkshire, open to the public to walk round the grounds and enjoy the deer park, the location of activities such as Yorkshire Warrior and corporate events and special dinners. It's also one of the most sought after wedding venues for couples from all over the UK.


"A remarkable piece of history"

The website didn't reflect their proposition so, working closely with Ripley Castle, we aimed to showcase the castle and it's grounds online to both promote visitors for the castle and tea rooms, keep visitors updated on events and increase bookings of weddings.

We designed and built a website for Ripley Castle which is very image and video led that best shows the various aspects of the castle and grounds which truly make it unique. The drone video on the homepage banner best showed the castle to a scale a static photo couldn’t - the whole castle and grounds are incredible and we needed to convey that to a potential visitor, event booker and couple looking for a wedding venue.

The various target audiences were important for us to concentrate on throughout the website design, lending equal weight to each section. Showing the castle as aspirational to engaged couples was a particularly important point throughout the entire website to promote the weddings there and increase bookings.

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