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Off The Hook

Off The Hook is a heady mix of marketing professionals blended with those who’ve been there and done that, having trodden the same path their clients are taking.

Off The Hook is the sister company to We Are Boutique. Having designed and developed the Boutique website, we couldn’t have been happier to team up with our friends again to work on this new project that solely focuses on, and demonstrates their expertise within the uber cool music industry.


Publicity. Branding. Marketing.

After the font had been agreed on in-house, we needed to bring the team’s personality, key messaging, specialties and ethos to life, and develop a brand that represented all of these areas. Our designer worked on using the font as a focal point and evolved the design through the use of bold secondary colours and ultimately developed a style that was a true reflection of the company. The result — a strong, impactful brand that wholly embodies their culture and approach to business.

As an innovative, forward-thinking team, we were keen to add touches of animation to really bring Off The Hook’s vision to life, set them apart and showcase their personality online.

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