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Masons Gin

Mason’s of Yorkshire is a brand you’ve probably seen on the shelf at the supermarket when you’re choosing a gift for yourself or others or at the bar for an upmarket gin and tonic. We wonder if fellow Yorkshire folk choose it because it’s the first gin made in Yorkshire and continues to be a proud Yorkshire business or simply because it’s one of the best gins on the market and the various flavours are unmatched. Either way, it’s a popular go-to brand all over the UK and the gin speaks for itself. We’re so excited to work with all our clients, but Yorkshire brands always make us so excited, as a Yorkshire business itself, it’s fun to show the best of the County!


Welcome To Gin County

The brief on this website was to make a more engaging, conversion focused ecommerce website. Highlighting the brand, gin flavours, cocktails and experiences, we wanted to give equal weight to the important areas of the brand.

The new bottle is such a beautiful design with a lot of work going on that point of sale online, so we wanted to make sure we got that on the website, so we reflected the arches on the website to bring those areas to life and link all the branding together both on and offline. Since we have put the website live conversion has gone from 3% to 7% of all visitors to the new site We hope you go have a look at the website and let us know what you think - just a warning, you’ll be craving a G+T after you’ve been on the site!

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