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Hague Print

Established in 1980, Hague is one of the UK’s leading strategic print and asset management suppliers who have developed a reputation for quality, service and providing cost-effective print solutions.

They have a whole range of expertise within the printing world from marketing print to security print, PPE and more. The wealth of products needed to be reflected online and be easy for users to discover whilst navigating across the site.



We set about updating the branding. The design needed to create a mark and style that felt industrially sculpted but with a creative flair and more current edge in line with Hague’s personality. In an industry full of ink the design needed to embody bold, captivating colours that would work both online and importantly - in print!

We worked to ensure that the brand was fully represented online with the development of both the Hague Group website and Hague Direct site which is the company’s e-commerce platform.

For both website builds, particular attention was given to the top menu bar and drop down services menu to ensure that users are effectively directed into the appropriate product areas. With Hague’s audience typically looking for a specific product or service, both sites needed to create a smooth, enjoyable experience that led users immediately to the correct area of the site, drive enquiries and conversions whilst maintaining the ability to cross sell.

The marketing for such a large company relied heavily on development work into the menu headers and sub sections to make sure that the menu navigation worked really well for the team and gave users the full Hague experience, online.

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