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Breathe Energy

Since 2010, Breathe has built a solid reputation for delivering energy and carbon reduction, infrastructure renewal, operating cost savings and improved building environments for clients. The website and branding needed to reflect the work they did and so we worked to create a site which would bring the proposition to life and engage the user.


"A different approach"

Many competitors had a stale website which didn’t do justice to the work they produce. Moving forward, as more businesses wish to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their impact on the environment, the work Breathe does will really make a great impact on their clients.

Organising a photoshoot meant that their actual work could be showcased online, which really increased engagement on their website in a way stock images could not have achieved. Focusing on case studies, the website is able to give information in a clear and easy to navigate way that helps business clients research the information they need before they make an enquiry.

Branding wise, we wanted to give a key colour to Breathe which would distinguish them and we strippd back the icon so that it would work cross platform both on and offline.

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