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Barry McNeill

A website for a personal brand is a great way to establish your online presence and be able to share your thoughts and expertise further than on, say, social media. Barry McNeill has worked for 20 years across the global sports technology space and wanted to showcase his work online to further his reach and career opportunities


At the top of his game

Sleek in design, the website needed to be fuss free and just communicate why Barry is at the top of his game in the field. The design facilitates this, it’s quite quirky at the same time, when we were designing it, we wanted it to have a feel of Barry and not take the obvious route to be corporate focused.

The news section is where he can share his expertise within the industry and so those that would look to work with him can get more of his thoughts here to connect with him before they get in touch. We hope you like this example of a website which has a lean towards a personal blog.

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