Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience is via email marketing. It allows timely, targeted and personalised campaigns which promote valuable direct engagement with clients to drive awareness and generate sales.


Fully managed email marketing

One of the most effective means to communicate with your target audience is via email marketing. We can help you promote your services, drive awareness, generate sales and pretty much put any message you wish across to your audience. Done well, email marketing can be intriguing, precise, targeted, timely and personalised to your audience, generating valuable traffic with optimum use of your budget.

Introducing Launchpad

We spotted a need for an email marketing solution that 'does it all' and becoming frustrated by the lack of one, we decided to create our own! Using the experience we'd already gained managing email marketing campaigns for our own clients and feedback taken from a wide range of users, we started building our own bespoke system.

In 2013 adigi setup Launchpad, a fully-managed email marketing studio targeted towards clients and agencies alike. Our bespoke system and cluster of mail servers allow us to provide our clients with a scalable and powerful platform, helping them to create targeted and effective email marketing campaigns which return valuable and insightful feedback and ultimately drive conversion and engagement.

Launchpad currently manages over 30 client's subscriber data and campaigns, sending around 6 million emails a month.

Email Campaign Process


Our in-house design team have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are on-brand, engage with your audience, maximise conversion and deliver your objectives.

Launchpad allows you to live-edit your campaigns, building bespoke layouts from a library that's unique to you so we can truly provide a design that reflects your brand but still puts you in control without the limitations imposed by other similar systems.

Data Segmentation and Split Testing

Segmenting your email marketing lists improve open and click rates by narrowing your focus and sending targeted campaigns to specific groups who will find your content more relevant. More relevant content means better results!

Being able to test different versions of a single campaign is a very powerful and useful tool to see how small changes can have a big impact on your results and how recipients interact with your campaigns. The feedback gained from split testing can be used to determine how future campaigns should be created by seeing what works best.

Launchpad provides advanced features allowing you to segment your data manually or automatically based on predetermined data such as location, purchase history and age. Split testing is easy to use and can be combined with dynamic subscriber data to give truly personal and more focused content to the recipient which is more likely to be read and lead to conversion.


Backed by a powerful network of servers, no matter how big your subscriber list, Launchpad has the capacity and capability to deploy your email campaigns efficiently and successfully.

Email renders differently in every email client. We believe that your recipients should have the same experience and be able to engage with your content in the same way, regardless of how or where it's being received. That's why any template or bespoke campaign created for your system is pre-checked in 45 different email clients, mobile and tablet devices.

Getting your emails to look as intended when they reach the inbox is only part of the challenge; making sure they reach the inbox in the first place is the other. Our servers are continually monitored to maintain an impeccable reputation. We also offer spam-checks to let you score your content per campaign and give you the necessary feedback to ensure that deliverability is maximised and you stay in control.

Advanced email analytics

Tracking opens and click-throughs is all well and good but it doesn't tell the whole story. Our advanced analytics allow us to track more information to find out when, where and how your emails are being viewed. This valuable feedback helps you better understand how your audience is interacting with your emails and combined with our targeted data facilities and split testing, you can create powerful campaigns that deliver the right results.

Client and Device information

How are your emails actually being read? Are you getting more mobile users than desktop users? It's better to know than guess and that's why we use accurate methods to track and feed that data back to you. We record client and browser information, version and operating system details to give you the full picture.

Geolocation Reporting

Where are your emails being opened and do you have a global or local audience? Our detailed location statistics allow you to get a better understanding of your audience and determine how future campaigns should be managed. With this valuable data, you can determine whether data should be segmented by country and whether time zones should be factored into your marketing strategy.

E-mail marketing

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