Digital Marketing

Profitable digital marketing strategies combine a mixture of tools, integrated together to create a strategy which will work online to bring the most advantageous result for the client. We combine Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social networking, email marketing, blogging, Google AdWords… the list goes on.


Choosing the right strategy for your business

Each business has different objectives so each marketing campaign we deliver is bespoke and varies from client to client. We use various methods and processes to assess the traffic flow to your site, the target audience and your brand's message/voice to ascertain the best route to for your digital marketing strategy. We believe no two marketing campaigns should be the same, as a company, adigi like to be individual and unique; we want the same for your business and brand.

Marketing Strategy

Social Media and customer engagement

We have created huge social media following for our clients and engaging content and marketing strategies to give our combined expertise to help further their businesses. Social media has quickly become a valuable tool in gaining business and strengthening the relationship with customers. We work with businesses to help shape their brand on social networks to present them in the best possible light, maximising engagement.

Our content-led approach uses proactive creation of conversations that position you as a leader in your field. Using social media management, monitoring and evaluation tools, we maximise the visibility and impact of social media activity by ensuring that we never miss an opportunity to keep you 'front of mind' with the people you want to talk to and engage with.

It's all about content

No content campaign is complete without a good strategy, We'll create a content plan focused around your brand and objectives, using various platforms to engage and inspire your audience about your brand. Blogging is a huge asset to any business and can offer a more unintrusive brand message, the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits it provides are huge. Search engines will rank your website higher due to the valuable content you are producing and a blog will bring traffic to your website. Not only will we create engaging content for your own blog, we can help to get you featured on other high-ranking blogs, we've applied this strategy for a number of our clients with huge success.

Content is King

On-Page SEO

The content of a page is the key factor determining the search result position. Ultimately it's what the visitor was looking for and therefore extremely important to search engines. From an SEO perspective, good content is looked at more favorably and should supply a demand and be linkable. We use several best-practices when developing websites to ensure on-page SEO is maximised, looking at several attributes such as title tags, well-formed URLs and quality and relevance of the content.

Delivering results

Building an online campaign needs research, planning and competitor analysis. For any campaign we undertake, we'll get down to the fine detail with a thorough analysis of your keywords and ads. We determine what traffic levels are being returned, how profitable they can be and how relevant they are to one another. Whether you're interested in organic rankings or whether we are optimising a Pay-Per-Click campaign for you, we apply the same principles. We'll continually track, test and manage each campaign for you and make every penny count.

Campaign Results

By monitoring click-through rates, conversion rates, quality score and cost per acquisition, we are always looking to strive for improvement on your behalf. We've worked within some of the most challenging and competitive industries and delivered top results, regardless of the competition.

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