App Development

The engagement between end-users and their smartphones and tablets is increasing at an ever-growing rate. Our team specialise in developing mobile and tablet apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms combining clever design with a great user-experience.


With tablet sales now outpacing laptop sales and the already high usage of mobile devices expanding every month, apps have become part of every mobile user's consumption of information. With responsive websites often forming a solution for brands, an app can be a tool to engage with your audience in a controlled environment.

Despite the many benefits of a mobile and tablet friendly, responsive website, apps can be targeted to a very specific purpose and provide features and advantages that aren't available via a web-browser such as:

  • Personalisation and customisation for users
  • Access to native functionality (camera, GPS)
  • Additional processing power available for more demanding tasks
  • Content can be downloaded locally for offline browsing
  • Ability to deliver information in real-time (push notifications)
  • In-app purchases for small-ticket items are more convenient for users

We understand how to approach the app market with your brand and in most cases, a responsive website combined with an app will meet all your needs. Using our experience, we can asses your requirements and ultimate end-goal to provide a solution that maximises your offering.

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Case Study: BSN Medical

BSN medical is a global medical device company that sells products across the world. In addition to a responsive website, there was a need for an app to be developed which would support the clinical use of their products for nurses, doctors and support staff within hospitals. The main requirement was to allow content to be accessed offline in environments where internet connectivity could not be guaranteed. The ease-of-use was also critical as information had to be accessed quickly and intuitively to aid users is selecting the correct products. Available on Android, Apple and Microsoft marketplaces, the app ensures all devices are catered for maximising the availability of the content.


Case Study: SIG Jet Rally

SIG are the UK's leading supplier of building supplies and materials, from insulation to pipes, they deliver day in day out to building sites nationally. To engage with their customers, we were tasked with developing a game that would enable some healthy competition for the chance to win a prize. With a leader board that was visible to all via the supplementary microsite and promoted on social media, the app saw large numbers of users trying to win the prize.

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