Residing in the Victorian heartland of culture and architecture, Huddersfield the West Yorkshire town is well known for its beautiful setting. With a long history of providing commercial excellence these days Huddersfield is fast becoming well known and respected for its digital expertise, especially web design, website development and online marketing or better known as ‘search engine optimisation’. Indeed in recent years the regions excellent number of specialist consultancies has seen it become an industry leading location for companies looking to have their website designed.

Huddersfield’s long history of manufacture and innovation began over 4,000 years ago when would farmers settled in the area due to its excellent conditions and reliable weather conditions. Since those early beginnings Huddersfield has hosted a roman fort, been an active part in the industrial revolution which are still largely seen today in the towns many historical buildings, and today it is has established itself as the no. 1 area to for web design. Recognised brands have flocked to Yorkshire in recent years to take advantage of a wealth of digital design experience with Huddersfield offering excellent pedigree in web design.

The region is not only famous for its digital marketing offering, with a Super League rugby team, ‘The Huddersfield Giants’ and Division One football team, ‘Huddersfield Town’ the region enjoys an excellent sporting offer. Indeed its locality next to the M62 makes it excellent place for businesses to do business and companies across the UK are beginning to base their operations in or around Huddersfield. With companies like ‘Mamas and Papas’ enjoying a buoyant period even in the economic downturn and Huddersfield council offering excellent incentives for business there’s never been a better time to be part of Huddersfield and start enjoying the web design expertise within the area.