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Elliott are the market leader in modular space and portable buildings. From simple portable cabins to stylish multi-story buildings – you might actually be surprised what modular buildings can create! They can be temporary or permanent, a design led solution to building a fixed building. There’s lots to the brand that needed to be conveyed online – the scale of the Elliott brand being a multinational business and part of the Alegro brand, the work Elliott do and how to showcase that online whilst inviting customers to request a solution that would work for them.

case study

Modular Buildings

As with all projects, we begin with looking at the market. We’re very self aware at adigi and know our limitations in terms of what we’re knowledgeable on. We know the online arena well – but modular buildings aren’t our forte. Though we’ve worked with Elliott over the last few years, it’s important we do our research within the market so that we can strive for this project to be the best in the market.

case study

Hire Buildings For As Long As You Need

Working with the Elliott team to create a project that works for them and represents them online to their full potential both in terms of brand and their work. We worked collaboratively with the Elliott team and the We Are Boutique team on this project to create an end product we’re all so proud of and will continue to work together on to really grow the brand online.

Adigi x B2B

Delivering fast, flexible, secure and scalable solutions that provide businesses with impact. We’re trusted by multiple agencies to design and develop their own sites, worked with the UK’s principal provider of veterinary, compliance and health solutions, an international gender equality and advocacy organisation, and a leading print management company – we’ve worked with a spectrum of businesses.

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