QR Codes

adigi_QR_codeRecently adigi have been asked by a number of our clients for advice on the subject of QR Codes. While I see the value of QR codes across certain media, I struggle to see the value of them on the web. I have seen some great campaigns in magazines and on product packaging that have used them very effectively.

On the flip side of this I have seen QR codes being put on websites and emailers that have totally been of no value at all. If you have already directed traffic to a website then why would you then ask someone to take out a smart phone to then take them to a web page on a phone? I have seen this on a number of email and websites which makes absolutely no sense.

If you have the valid traffic on your website then surely you want to retain them on the website? QR codes done effectively are a fantastic marketing tool but they need the thought process of how can they used in an effective manner.

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