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After successfully completing web design and ecommerce projects for both Lindam and Munchkin within the infant consumer goods market. adigi was approached and commissioned by a local Harrogate mother and infant goods retailer 'Little Star Co.' the main objective was to develop an immediately recognisable brand and e-commerce site that new mothers would find both engaging, intuitive and easy to access across all platforms (including on tablet and mobile). 

Throughout the Little Star Co website we see very clear calls to action (CTAs) and ease in navigation, ensuring customers feel comfortable and reassured prior to purchasing online. These two key factors are essential for maximising the customer experience, minimising bounce rate and increasing the average time duration spent on the site. Another key feature is the utilisation of ultra high-resolution images with zoom functionality, ensuring every customer can be well informed and reassured prior to ‘adding to basket’. Consequently we see a lower than average basket abandonment at checkout. Furthermore through integrating an online 'appointment booking' feature adigi has improved the ease that mothers can book and manage a time for personal one-to-one product demonstration at Little Star Co. boutique store in Harrogate.

Over the coming months adigi and Little Star Co. will be working together to improve the customer experience and maximise brand awareness even further to ensure sales growth across the UK and beyond. 

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