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Google TV

The new invention by Google is the Google TV, which is due to launch in the USA in autumn 2010, but they are still unsure of the release date for the UK yet and …

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Sexiest video ever….? No thanks!

Have you seen the ‘sexiest video ever’? Well apparently you don’t want to. Facebook uses are currently been faced with this option but instead of leading to a video it is a link to …

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Top 5 Flash Websites for 2010

Web designing in the new profession when it comes to technology these days and whether you’re a novice or an expert CS4 Flash is becoming the most popular software learn. Since 1996 it has …

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Wikipedia’s redesign, good or bad?

Last month Wikipedia redesigned their website adding new tools and making design changes, however it hasn’t gone down as well as they thought. Wikipedia spent a year testing the site which involved over 600,000 …

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Internet Voted Fourth Most Important Invention

The internet has recently been voted the fourth most important invention of all time. This falls just behind the invention of the wheel, the aeroplane and the electric lightbulb. The survey was conducted by …

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